Payments and Financial

     One month's rent is required with an application and will be applied to the last month of the tenancy. The application will not be considered without this deposit. If you Electronic Transfer ensure that the answer to the security question is sent to us separately.

    For the 8, 10 and 12 month terms the first month's rent is due on the date of move in. For the 4 month term the entire amount is due at the time you move in (PREPAID). If this application is approved by Princess Towers, the deposit becomes NON-REFUNDABLE. If you change your mind (regardless of your reason or situation) and choose not to stay at Princess Towers you will lose this deposit. Your deposit will be completely refunded (cheque will be returned or Electronic  Transfer declined) if your application is declined.

    Rent payments are due on the 1st of each month of the occupancy unless prior arrangements have been made, such as prepaying for the entire rental period.  The Tenant and Financial Guarantor shall agree to pay applicable NSF charges, key replacement charges, clean-up charges, and damage charges.

    An administrative and bank charge of $25 shall apply for any cheque returned for any reason.

    The Tenant and/or Guarantor are liable for all damage to the Rented Premises, or building in which the Rented Premises is located, resulting from the negligence of the Tenant or his guests during the entire period of this tenancy and renewal.

    The Tenant shall, at his/her cost and expense, obtain and keep fire and property damage and public liability insurance in an amount equal to that which a reasonably prudent Tenant would consider adequate.

    Students should ensure their parents’ homeowner’s insurance coverage applies to their personal possessions, damages and other liability while they are residing at Princess Towers. If this does not apply, ask us for contact information for local agents who can provide liability insurance policies.