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There are six styles of accomodation at Princess Towers.  

PRIVATE APARTMENTS are units that involve an individual or group who are the sole resident(s) in that unit. They come in 4 styles: Studio/Bachelor; Single (1 Bedroom), Double (2 Bedroom) and Triple (3 Bedroom) configurations. We inspect the condition of these units each 4 month period. Based on a 12 month lease prices for unfurnished Studio/Bachelor units vary from $849 to $1060; 1 bedroom units from $1104 to $1451; 2 bedroom units from $1255 to $1688 and 3 bedroom units from $1349 to $1969.

SHARED ACCOMMODATIONS are units where individuals share the kitchen-living area and washroom(s) with others.  They are available in 2 styles: Double (2 Bedroom), and Triple (3 Bedroom) configurations. Each occupant has a private (locked) bedroom.  The monthly prices for an individual with a 12 month lease in an unfurnished room vary from $443 to $700.

Four (4), ´╗┐eight (8), ten (10) and twelve (12) month lease terms are available for most units´╗┐. Group discounts apply. We do a monthly inspection of units that have unrelated persons sharing a unit. During that inspection we will do a light cleaning of the kitchen and washroom and advise of any concerns with their cleanliness. If the situation is not rectified on our next visit, we will do a cleanup and charge the occupants. Call for availability during the May - August period. 

The application can be downloaded, filled in, and sent by email or fax. Prices vary depending upon the length of the lease term, the size of the room and the number of bedrooms (2 or 3) in the unit. Check online, or contact the office for availability and additional details. 

An on-site office is open during normal business hours. At other times a live-in superintendent is on duty.

Both the main lobby and the underground parking area have surveillance cameras and access requires a card. Guests of occupants who are not at home, can gain access using cell phone technology. 

Our prices include heat, water and hydro. That way our customers avoid the hastles of setting up accounts, receiving periodic bills for unexpected large amounts, experiencing large rate increases, remembering to pay monthly utility bills, and being subject to penalty and late charges.