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Students from around the world find accommodation at Princess Towers convenient, practical, and desirable. Both mature and part time students, as well as young professionals, enjoy the rich and stimulating environment here.

Rates noted for the four and eight-month lease term apply if the amount is prepaid by the time of move-in.  If you wish to prepay only 5 of the months (60%) when moving in (ie. September 1st) and the remaining 3 months (40%) by January 1st, a guarantor is required and a $25 service charge applies for a credit check, etc.  Four-month terms must be completely paid by date of move-in.  Ten and twelve month terms are paid monthly.

All tenants are responsible in helping to keep the common areas (kitchen/living room, bathrooms) clean.  Staff go through common areas of shared apartments on a regular basis to confirm they are being kept satisfactory.  If cleaning is required, by our staff, all occupants will be charged a cleaning fee.  There are no pets of any kind allowed in the shared units because of health concerns and the need to share the common space with others.