Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

    The Landlord Tenant Board governs much of Landlord-Tenant relationships. Additional information can be obtained from their website at http://www.ltb.gov.on.ca/

    Inspections:       Shared Units (occupied by non-related individuals each with individual leases) are inspected monthly to check their condition. Move out inspections are required for all units to ensure they are left in a condition reflecting what they were on entering.

    Elevator:              We recommend that you reserve an elevator when you are arriving (with furniture, etc.) and departing at the end of your lease period.

    Maintenance work: We recommend that you email requests for maintenance and repairs. We will be diligent in responding to requests but ask for your patience if a number of requests are received at the same time.

    Noise:                  There will be a first and final warning for noise complaints.  If there is a second complaint the police will be called and appropriate action will be taken.

    Parking :              All tenants and guests are required to have a permit to use the parking lot. You can purchase a parking permit from the office or superintendents, before 9:00 p.m., at the cost of $10.00 per day.  Monthly parking is also available from the office.     VEHICLES WITHOUT A PARKING PERMIT WILL BE TICKETED OR TOWED. Long-term and overnight parking requires a parking permit linked to a unique license plate. If a vehicle is parked illegally, it will be ticketed or towed at the vehicle owner’s risk and expense without any notice. As with all parking lots, parking is entirely at the vehicle owner’s risk.

    Building access & control:           This is a Secure Building.  Strangers are not to be let in. The intercom service is connected to your phone.  You can use either a cell phone or regular line.  If you do not register a phone number you will not be able to remotely allow guests and deliveries to get in.  If you have a cell phone number that is not local, a minimum service fee of $10.00 per month applies for modest use.

    Garbage & Recycling:                    We wish to be good stewards of the environment. Garbage is to be bagged properly and taken to the bins in the parking lot at the back of the building NOT in the halls. We have recycling bins for cans, newspaper, and glass.     

    Housekeeping:                                 Tenants are responsible for the cleanup of messes in their bedrooms and common areas (i.e. bathrooms; living/dining room; kitchen, hallway, etc.) within each suite. Unsanitary conditions will result in charges if we consider there is risk to an individual’s health and safety because of poor housekeeping practices and garbage in the common areas.

    Princess Towers staff  provide light cleaning service in the common areas of shared units once a month. Tenants are responsible for removing garbage bags and sorting recyclable materials (tins, cans, glass bottles, etc.) and placing them in the designated garbage and recycle receptacles at the back of the building..

    Should the Tenant and/or his/her guest smoke inside their unit, (s)he will be responsible for the charges incurred to repaint the entire unit (including labor and materials).

    Pets:      No pets are allowed in common areas unless on a leash.  No pets are allowed in the laundry room. Pets must have all shots and be registered with the City. Should a Tenant and/or his/her guest bring a pet into the residence, she/he will be responsible for all clean up charges.

    Bicycles are to be stored in the bike cage in the underground parking garage.

    Roller blades are not permitted anywhere in the building at any time.

    Sublets must be approved by the office.